Key Initiatives

We want fidelity and accountability in all decisions and changes that are made.

  • We want to be sure that we are making decisions that are in the best interest of the students and teachers while watching the tax dollars we are spending at the same time.
  • Avoid using referendums to pay for capital improvements that can be planned and budgeted for over time.

If something isn’t going well in our district, we will listen, openly address it, and make changes as necessary.

  • Critical thinking and reflection of what is working and what is not working in our district.
  • We want to be sure we are fully vetting our decisions.
  • While we have made improvements in areas like Special Education, there are still concerns that need to be addressed.

We need more consistency across all elementary schools

  • This includes class size, curriculum and facilities.
  • Uniform instruction to students to follow individual growth for success in all areas, especially in early elementary.

We will continually evaluate our spending to be sure it is the best use of tax dollars.

  • We need a long-term plan to address space issues with a plan that is fiscally responsible.
  • We want to ensure money is spent on a curriculum that is educationally sound, not experimental.

We will be proactive in our decision making.

  • Research and map out possible changes and visions, including a three to four year roll out and/or pilots. What changes can we anticipate if we make this decision, what issues do we see and what will we do about them should they occur?
  • Look into establishing a sister-partnership with successfully performing, local school districts to determine best practices.